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Q. Is there anything that is not safe for removal?

Here's a list of items which we are unable to move. If you have any other items which may ineligible to remove please ask us for clarification prior to your move.

  • Flammables (aerosol, petrol, fertilisers, corrosive liquids)
  • Ammunition
  • Pool chemicals
  • Some cleaning and gardening products may also be unable to be moved.

Q. Can my lawnmower & gas BBQ be moved?

Yes,  both of these items are able to be moved.  Prior to the move they need to be cleaned and the petrol / gas is to be taken out of the item you are wanting to be moved.

Q. Do you provide a packing service as standard?

If you require us to pack any boxes you will need to advise us as this is not included in the price of the removal.  Wether you just want us to pack your breakables or your entire house we are able to help.

Q. Is it essential for me to be present at each end of the move?

When moving house we recommend that someone is at both the pick up and delivery addresses.  By doing this it ensures that the right goods are taken from the one end and that when delivering the goods we are able to put furniture in the correct rooms.  If you are unable to be present at either end we suggest that you appoint someone to be there in your place as a representative.

Q. Is insurance included in the quote for removal?

Insurance is not included in the quote unless specified.  We are able to arrange insurance for your belongings during the move.  Please visit our insurance (link) section for full details on covers.

Q. Are you able to transport my car and pet?

Yes, simply supply us with the details of your vehicle and/or your pet and we can arrange to have them moved safely to your new home.

Q. Do you have storage available?

Yes, we have storage available if your not quite ready to move into a new home.  Just advise us of your plans and we can tailor a storage plan to suit.

Q. How many boxes should I allow for in my move?

Determining how many boxes can be quite difficult if you have not moved before.  Trying to estimate the number of boxes in a room by room bases is often the best way to go about it.  Don’t panic if you are out by 1 or 2.  Once you start packing if you think you have to change your amount of boxes by 5-10 its a good idea to let us know in case we have to alter the price of the move and to allow more/less room on the truck for your move.

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